Hi! I’m Caroline and I am a working mom of 2 who is passionate about getting families around the table to share meals.  I love food, ingredients, recipes and sharing all those things so it feels right to have a space to do just that.  I’m originally from the Midwest and I am Korean-American so those things definitely influence what I cook and what I like to eat!

My cooking is very functional and genuine. I care that it tastes good.  It’s not always pretty and it’s hardly ever plated nicely but it’s made with love and it nourishes my family. Kinda sums up what my life is like.  This blog may not have bells and whistles or pretty pictures, but it’s genuine and from the heart.  I’ve always been more of a “first draft” kind of writer than a finished product kind.  I’m impulsive and imperfect but I’m ok with that. I actually find sharing what doesn’t work to be just as interesting and worthwhile as what does work.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂